Our Mission

How is Haynes House of Hope funded?

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We rely entirely on donations, memorials, fundraising, grants and gifts from the community. All donations are tax deductible. Our home has been built upon the generosity of people and business that have not only opened their wallets but also their hearts. Every gift of time, services or goods makes a huge difference in the lives of our residents and their families. We have come a long way since this idea first started to become a reality and have a long way to go in servicing our residents and their families. Please call our Executive Director at (518)642-8155 to find out more about volunteering or to make a donation.

What is Haynes House of Hope?

Haynes House of Hope is a not for profit comfort care home for the terminally ill that can accommodate up to two residents. Our home is dedicated to caring for terminal individuals and their families in their most fragile moments of life. The main focus of care is addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each resident in a very peaceful environment.

We are not a medical institution and are nondenominational. This is a home much like your home. All the same daily and yearly chores go on in it, We are staffed by trained volunteers that help take care of these needs. Both resident and family are encouraged to participate in these activities. Family bedrooms are also available so they may spend as much time with their loved one as possible.

Haynes House of Hope is staffed by an Executive Director, a Public Relations Director,  trained volunteers and a Board of Directors. Residents remain under the care of their own attending physician and High Peaks Hospice.

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Spiritual love and concern for the terminally ill are reflected in our work at Haynes House of Hope. We open our home, our hearts and our hands to those who require physical care, emotional support and spiritual comfort, regardless of race, color and creed without charge. We feel blessed to share in the journey and privileged to be present with the family and loves ones.